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How to create an inspiring classroom


There’s a fine line between an occupation to instruct versus one that is dedicated to  teaching. As a teacher, your duties go beyond merely covering lesson objectives, assigning homework and correcting exam papers. An educator would help students find the joy in learning and discover their passions.

Struggle to success: Story of an inspirational school principal

school principal

It is a story of a passionate educator who was assigned as the school principal for one of the most dangerous schools in the USA. Lina Claitt-Wayman sets an example for how a visionary principal can uplift a low-performing school and give hope to children in poor areas who want to develop and find a better place for themselves.

Are you spoiling your kids with gadgets?


As parents, we always feel that we cannot give our kids enough love but it’s never too much love that spoils our children who become spoiled when they get more attached to their mobile phones than to their parents and siblings.

10 things you should not do when your child fails


If your child has not done well in school exams, there is a lot that can be done to control the emotional and psychological damage, but there are also other things you should never do or say in such situation.

6 ways to help your child become a ‘kidpreneur’


Children at an early age acquire most of their skills at home and school. This varies from time management all the way to better communication, you know, soft skills required for success later when they grow up.

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